Dear Renaissance Ridge home owners:


The recent storm certainly cut a wide path across our state, and while we received some damage, it is light compared to other areas.


I wanted to communicate with you about what steps the board took immediately after the storm, what the next steps are and the timeline.  I would also ask that you please share this with your neighbors and direct them to the website as well.


The day after, we were out taking photographs for insurance purposes. We captured the damage along SE 8th, the downed trees, the broken fence lines and the downed street signs.


While we were without power for a number of days, I can report that those who had generators were very generous in sharing, allowing neighbors to heat water, charge cell phones…whatever it took to survive. It was awesome to see the community respond in this manner. We also heard from people who were checking in on others, ensuring they were okay, etc.


Once power was restored, we reached out to Earthworks, our current landscaping firm. In addition to landscaping, they have handled many other projects for us and we are currently in the process of restoring our community.


Here is where we are thus far:

·         A crew has been out and they got the branches off the walk.

·         They have also serviced the property for normal maintenance and cleaned up a lot of the debris starting at the entrances.

·         We are expecting a bid to come in within the next two weeks for the fence repair.

·         We expect to have a crew out the latter part of the week of December 24th, and then the beginning of the following week to finish up with all the tree removal, sign install, etc.

·         We spoke with a couple of arborists and they are a couple of weeks out since they are dealing with severe problems first.


As you can see, we are working to get things repaired as quickly as possible.


Due to the large volume of limbs and other yard debris caused by the December 14th wind storm, the City of Sammamish is offering free disposal of debris. This is for vegetation only such as wood debris, branches, stumps and brush, and does not include lumber, roof parts or non-plant items. Contractors and yard service businesses will not be allowed to drop off debris at the City’s four designated sites.




December 18 through 30, 2006

Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Sites open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


East Sammamish Park NE 16th Street at 244th Avenue SE (Enter from NE 16th)

Beaver Lake Park 217 Avenue NE south of SE 24th Street (Enter from 244th)

Eastlake High School 400 228th Avenue NE (Back Parking Lot Area)

Skyline High School 1122 228th Avenue SE (Back Parking Lot Area)


For information call:

425-369-8913 or 425-295-0500


From all of us on the board to you and your families, we wish you a joyful holiday season!


Rick May

President, RRHOA