January 25, 2007


Renaissance Ridge Homeowners:


The RRHOA Board has been working diligently to get things back to normal around here.


As you may have noticed, we already have a crew working along SE 8th to repair the fences.  Once that is completed, they will be working along the common areas within our development.


We are also in the process of repairing all of the lights at both of the front entrance ways. Many of these units were submerged in water and are going to be replaced. Several more were broken off and we are taking steps to try to protect the lights as much as possible.


As we thaw out from the deep freeze, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.


1)      Trash: As the winds pick up, papers in the recycle bins are being blown all over the property…and we are hearing about it. If we could just keep the glass bin on top of the paper bins or for those that have those nifty stands to stack everything in – use a rock or brick. Allied Waste will leave it for you.  You can also call Allied Waste for a free replacement of your three recycle bins with a large, covered bin.


2)      House Painting: While we are still a ways off from spring, many of you are looking to repaint the outside of your homes. Please remember that the colors must be approved by the ACC, and the form to do so can be found on our web site. Failure to pick an approved color scheme will result in you having to repaint your house. There is a color palate on our web site as well, and the process is quite simple.


3)      Neighborhood Spring Clean: When the weather begins to warm up, we would like to plan for a neighborhood work party. This will be a volunteer group that two to three times a year will get together on a Saturday, along with all of our neighbors and friends to help keep Renaissance Ridge in top shape. We could hire a company to perform this, but then it would end up costing us more in our dues.  The Board felt that since most of the work will be minor in scope, this would be a great way to get to meet your neighbors. As an added bonus, we will have a BBQ afterwards. We all know that the Social Committee does an awesome job and we would appreciate their expertise!


4)      Mailbox Kisoks: In the next few weeks, you will see a new laminated sign on the mailbox kiosks, directing you to the web site. We will be using the web site to communicate everything out to the Homeowners Association. Also, as a way to reduce costs, our newsletters will be posted on the web site as well. If you know of someone who does not have access, or a computer, feel free to print out the information for them. Going forward however, we will be utilizing our web site to communicate alerts, updates and events to the neighborhood.


5)      Traffic Speed: Last, but certainly not least. PLEASE…SLOW DOWN. The speed limit is 25 MPH within our development, and while it may seem as if you are crawling…it’s for the safety of us all.


Thank you to everyone who wrote us about the storm, and for your continued support.  Please drop us a line if there is something that you feel we should be looking into, or doing more or less of as we start the new year.


Thank you,


Renaissance Ridge HOA Board of Trustees