Board of Directors Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

February 2, 2008


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

John Digenan, Vice President

                                    Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary

                                    Michael Rose, Director-at-Large


-                     Reviewed the previous operating expenses sent to Yogesh by Pat Huri at MacPhersons.

-                     Yogesh will prepare a budget for the coming year for review at our next Board meeting.

-                     John will contact the ACC for their input on how best to remind all homeowners regarding home maintenance, specifically painting and yards, and how best to follow up with those most in need of paint or yard cleanup.

-                     Discussion was held as to whether the bylaws needed to be updated to detail penalties; no decision at this point.

-                     Michael will email the Board with his correct email address.

-                     Michael will follow up with the City of Sammamish about the “Mapping Your Neighborhood Program.”