Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

March 15, 2008


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

                                    Yogesh Gupta, Treasure

                                    Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Yogesh presented a detail listing of operating budget items.  Since some are not maintenance items he will be moving those to the reserve account and present a finalized operating budget for the next meeting.

-                     Discussed the need for an updated reserve account study; Don will research who did the original study.

-                     Yogesh reported that Pat Huri at MacPhersons will be sending out second reminder letters to homeowners who are behind on their dues. 

-                     Don reported on his meeting with the arborist after our last meeting relative to removing alder trees and repairing the fence on SE 8th.  They have been requested to fix broken playground equipment reported by one of the homeowners.

-                     The same homeowner reported that trashcans at the park were overflowing.  Don will check with Earth Works to see if they can empty these year round.

-                     Don will ask John to check with the ACC to find out the status of the general reminder letter to be sent to all homeowners re house painting and yard maintenance.

-                     Don suggested purchasing another picnic table for Rock Park; he will look into the cost, etc.

-                     Discussed locked mailboxes.  Bev will call the post office to see if they subsidize this kind of project

-                     Don will call and schedule the water audit

-                     Don suggested it would be a good idea for Bev to email a list of the action items we have discussed in about a week.