Agenda for August 23rd Homeowners Association meeting


  1. Introduction of board members
  2. Introduction of committee members
  3. Issues addressed during the year:
    a. repairs to park equipment
    b. damage to trees and fences related to storms
    c. damage to fences related to vandalism
    d. post box research
    e. new picnic table

f.  arborist work

  1. Report from ACC and Social Committees
  2. New board member needed
  3. Q&A


The meeting was held at 7:00 pm in Rock Park, prior to a scheduled movie showing at 8:00.

Present:  Don Corbett, President

              Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

              Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

              Beverly Day, Secretary

              6 homeowners


Don introduced the Board members; there were no committee members present.  Later a member of the Social Committee came to set up the movie.


Don explained how the Association, Board and Committees work.  He asked for volunteers to join the Board since we do not have a Vice President.  He then reviewed the issues (listed above) that were addressed by the Board this year.  He also gave a description of the common areas that are part of our Association. 


Beverly and Michael discussed our research into locked mailboxes.  Yogesh discussed the current budget and explained the need for a Reserve Account to replace capital items such as fences. 


Don again asked for volunteers to join the Board but none felt they wanted to serve.