Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

January 10, 2009


Members present:         Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Snow removal within Renaissance Ridge was discussed.  Yogesh will look into options and costs.

-                     Michael reported on research he did relative to an email about a broken streetlight on SE 9th.  He had called Puget Sound Energy to have it repaired and discovered that a firm called Into Light is contracted by PSE who in turn bills our HOA for the charges incurred.  PSE has “written a ticket” to have the light on SE 9th repaired

-                     An email received from a member of the ACC Committee regarding incentives for board and committee members was discussed.  It had been suggested that dues might be reduced or eliminated for active members to encourage more participation.  The general feeling in our meeting was that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.  Don had suggested in an email that there might be liability issues if the members were reimbursed somehow. 

-                     Yogesh brought some forms he had received from RBS where the HOA Reserve fund is invested.  RBS had been sending reports to John Digenan, the former Treasurer.  These forms will allow the information to go to Yogesh.  They were signed by the Board members present. 

-                     Our next meeting is scheduled for January 31st.