Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

February 21, 2009


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Burned out or damaged street lights were discussed.  It was decided that it would be more efficient if homeowners who notice problems would call Puget Sound Energy directly, thus taking the Board out as middle man and hopefully speeding up the process.  A notice will be put on our website addressing this, which will include the need to identify the number on the light post and the number to call.  Bev will forward this information to Bret.

-                     Bev reported on a call that was received by the Board from a real estate agent regarding a notice that had been left with her client.  The unsigned notice complained of sod that had been removed from the front yard and replaced with bark and warned that the “landscaping committee” wanted the sod put back.   Since the HOA does not have a landscaping committee she assumed this was from a disgruntled neighbor but she forwarded the information on to the ACC committee to be sure that they were not involved. 

-                     The retention of records was discussed as MacPhersons has indicated they only retain two years’ records and want to return older ones.  Michael reported that from his research that financial records must be kept for seven years.  Bev also has some older records in her garage that she inherited from a former President.  She will go through these and save only those financial records that are less than seven years old.  Some arrangements will have to be made for storage of all these records. 

-                     Don reported that Jim Richardson of Natural Design has fixed the fence on SE 8th, including some where the slats have been kicked in.

-                     Earthworks, our landscapers, have sent us a bill for this year’s plantings with no raise in cost.

-                     Don will call the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) about a spring letter to homeowners regarding houses that need painting.  Yogesh suggested that members of the ACC be invited to our next meeting to go over their thinking.  The Social Committee will also be invited to see where we can be of assistance. 

-                     The ACC had suggested the idea that we could get more volunteers for our committees and Board if annual dues for those individuals were reduced or eliminated.  This was discussed but rejected for several reasons, including the fact that this would be a type of remuneration and would therefore make individuals liable, and the fact that it would be hard to manage. 

-                     Don asked Board members to notice the leaning trees along the fence line on SE 8th coming up to the 240th entrance.  He suggested that it would give a better appearance if these trees were replaced by lower bushes that would not become victims to the high winds. 

-                     Locked mailboxes were discussed.  There haven’t been any requests for them recently.  Michael reported that in his discussions with Ace Hardware they pointed out that companies manufacture a certain number each year and when they are sold they are not necessarily replaced with the same model.  This would make it difficult to decide on any particular model.  Don suggested that when there is a need to replace the current mail kiosks that they all be replaced with a bank of locked boxes everywhere. 

-                     Yogesh reported that he had not received the audit of our financials yet but that the finances for 2009 look good.  The only capital improvements scheduled for this year is for fences to be repainted.  We perhaps will be able to hold off on this until next year. 

-                     Michael mentioned that through his contacts he can provide a telephone voicemail service that would send telephone messages to the Board members that are monitoring the VM. In addition to being effective, this service could be free. Yogesh will review the cost of telephone that HOA pays.