Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

March 28, 2009


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     A decision has been made that the Board will meet the fourth Saturday of the month at 8:00 am, in the Starbucks by Eastlake High School.

-                     Don had emailed some suggestions to the ACC regarding their Spring Letter.  He has not heard back from them so he will follow up on that.

-                     Yogesh had talked to one of our residents about joining the Board.  He will invite her to our next meeting.

-                     Michael reported that he knew a company that would forward incoming calls to the Board member on duty each month.  This service would be free and it would also allow the Board to make the monthly duty change, thus relieving Brett of that chore.  Michael will contact the company to update our system, which will also include calls to the ACC and the social committee.  He will also let Brett know of the change.

-                     Yogesh reported that a homeowner had suggested that the playthings in the park be updated to reflect the fact that the neighborhood children are growing up.  She will provide him with pictures of what she has in mind. 

-                     Yogesh gave a financial report; at this point the budget looks good.  There are only three homeowners who are more than $1,000 behind in dues.  Don volunteered to discuss the matter with each one.

-                     Before the watering of the common areas begins the remaining unaudited sprinklers will be audited so that we will have a further savings to our water bill. 

-                     One of the homeowners was interested in having a community garden in the unfinished area south of the park on 242nd.  After a discussion it was decided that since it was a change to the common area it would take a 2/3 vote of the homeowners per Section 3, Article VI of the CC&Rs which would be difficult to do.