Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

April 25, 2009


Members present: Don Corbett, President

Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Beverly Day, Secretary

Ann-Marie Karh


-                     Ann-Marie Karh had indicated an interest in joining the Board so Yogesh invited her to the April meeting. She has agreed to join as our Vice-President..

-                     Michael reported that the Renaissance Ridge HOA website is down and that we may have lost our domain name. He will be checking with Brett about bring the site back up.

-                     Michael reported that he wanted to wait on the new phone system until the website was back up. It is still all workable.

-                     The fences that were damaged by vandalism have been fixed. Don reported he would be contacting Jim with Natural Design about getting them stained. He waited to have the fences east of 242nd fixed in hopes that the vandalism is through.

-                     Don reported that there is a lot of moss by the fences on SE 8th. He also reported that the bushes on the east side of the entrance at 240th seem to have died, as well as the areas by the entrance at 242nd seem a little sparse. He will contact Earthworks to deal with both these issues.

-                     It was reported that one of the lights illuminating the entrance by the Reserve is out so needs to be replaced.

-                     Yogesh reported that there was no further contact with the homeowner who suggested play equipment for older children. It was suggested that as the equipment in the play areas needs replacing we keep this in mind.

-                     Don reported the water audit has not been done as yet. He will be calling Earthworks to coordinate this.

-                     We have not heard anything further from the ACC regarding the spring letter. Don will check with them to see how it is coming.

-                     Yogesh reported that the HOA finances are in good shape.

-                     Don reported that some of the growth near the fence in the natural area between SE 8th and the playground appears to have died. When it rains this area becomes almost like a river. He will ask Earthworks to plant some ground cover in this area.

-                     Bev asked if anyone was aware as to whether David Mason was contacted regarding the community gardens. Don will contact him.

-                     Ann-Marie asked if anything further had been done regarding locked mailboxes. It was explained the problems involved hardware stores do not carry any particular model from year to year; if a bank of locked boxes are installed we need two-thirds approval by the homeowners. The Board may consider this second option when the current mailbox kiosks need replacing.

-                     Don asked Bev to contact Brett so that he can update the website showing Ann-Marie as a new Board member.