Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

May 30, 2009


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

                                    Ann-Marie Karh, Vice President

Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Yogesh reported that more fence slats had been kicked in along SE 8th east of 242nd SE.  Don reported that we are saving the slats but not repairing them except those that help to maintain the posts.  He will report the incident to the police so they will know the frequency of this vandalism.

-                     Don reported there was a call from an individual that lives in the area of 17 homes adjacent to Renaissance Ridge that has no homeowners’ association.  They complained of a boat that was being parked at the entrance to their area, which they thought belonged to our association.  Don checked and it is not part of Renaissance Ridge.  He suggested to the caller that they park a car in that area so it is not available to the boat owner.  He also pointed out that if the boat trailer is parked on the sidewalk the police can be called.

-                     Don reported that a mailbox kiosk had been knocked over by one of the residents.  It has been repaired by Jim Richardson.  Don will check with the resident to see if the cost of the repair is covered by their insurance. 

-                     Yogesh received a call from Kim, our Social Committee Chairman re the budget for the 4th of July celebration.  He told her there was $1,500 allotted for the committee for 2009.  Don suggested that Yogesh contact Kim to see if there is anything planned for the Labor Day Weekend.  Movie nights in the summer are also a popular activity. 

-                     Ann-Marie reported that a homeowner had asked her about the schedule for cutting the grass in the area of the gas pipeline right-of-way, particularly the area west of the path and closest to homes.  Don told her that we are not allowed to put any sprinklers in that area so that part is only cut once, at the first of the month.  The contract also says that the cut grass there does not need to be removed. 

-                    It was reported that a post for the small fence by three-slide park was down and that a fence bordering 242nd SE has been pushed out.  Don will have Jim Richardson check these out. 

-                     Don reported there was an email this month asking if there are any limitation on the number of rentals allowed in Renaissance Ridge.  He reported there weren’t any restrictions in that area.

-                     Pat Huri from MacPherson’s forwarded an email from our lawyer, regarding a homeowner who is close to $2,000 delinquent in dues, suggesting the only alternative is to foreclose.  We have a lien on the house and it was decided not to foreclose. 

-                     Don asked about some legal advice on whether the Association By-Laws can be changed without the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the homeowners so that penalties can be added for not mowing grass and weeding gardens.  Bev will check with her husband and Yogesh will check with a lawyer he knows. 

-                     Yogesh reported that the financials are in good condition.  He suggested we look at the Reserve Study again.  Currently there is $80,000 in the Reserve Account.  He will call to see if the company that did the study can do an abbreviated update to the study with a walk-through that particularly checks the fences.

-                     Don asked that Bev send the reminder for our meetings a week in advance instead of the couple of days she had been doing.