The meeting was held at 9:00 am in Rock Park on 240th

Present:  Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

              Ann-Marie Karh, Vice President

              Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

              Beverly Day, Secretary

              5 homeowners


Yogesh explained the duties of the Board members and asked if anyone was interested in joining the Board.  He pointed out that normally their term is for 2 years.  Don has served since the beginning, and Yogesh, Michael and Beverly have all been on the Board for 2 years.  At this point no one volunteered. 


Yogesh asked if the homeowners had any issues they wanted to discuss.  Bear sightings were mentioned.  Michael reported that he had called 911 to report a bear and was told that unless the bear was posing a danger that nothing would be done. 


There was a discussion of the installation of air conditioning units.  This requires a permit from the city.


Satellite dishes were discussed.  It was pointed out that there is a federal law allowing their installation. 


Locked mailboxes were discussed.  It was pointed out that the post office has an “all or nothing” policy for the banks of locked boxes.  When the current mailbox kiosks need replacing it was agreed that locked boxes would be looked into. 


Yogesh went over the budget for 2008 so the homeowners could see how their money is spent.  He also explained the Reserve Account, the amount set aside for major replacements such as perimeter fences.  One of the homeowners suggested that as a way to save money on fence replacement that the homeowners involved pay for one-half the cost.


Dedrie Strain and Juana Cundari volunteered to serve on the Architectural Control Committee.  The current committee has served for two years and would like to retire.  They have been invited to our next Board meeting on October 24th.  Bev will email them in advance to remind them.