Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

December 5, 2009


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

                                    Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Yogesh brought a letter regarding the renewal of insurance covering the Board.  It was agreed that we continue with the same carrier since the rates are good.

-                     Yogesh received a bid from another landscaping company that was considerably higher than Earthworks.  Don agreed to respond to the company with details as to our reason for not accepting their bid.

-                     Yogesh reported that our budget is in good condition, especially since our arbor costs have been lower than anticipated.  We agreed that dues will be raised 10% in 2010.  It was suggested that a letter be included with the dues request explaining the need for this raise.  Bev will send an email to Brett to have him put information regarding this increase on our website. 

-                     Regarding the fences, it was suggested that we think about beginning improvements to them in 2010. 

-                     Yogesh will email to Pat at MacPhersons requesting that she gives notice to those behind on their dues. 

-                     Don commented that he felt that homeowners seem to be taking better care of their yards. 

-                     We should consider having an arborist check trees in the common areas this spring.

-                     Don will ask the city to give us information on who owns properties adjacent to the common areas so if a tree should fall causing damage we would know who to contact. 

-                     Due to the holidays we will not have another meeting in December.  Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 9, 2010.