Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

February 27, 2010


Members present: Don Corbett, President

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Ann-Marie Karh, Vice President

Michael Rose, Director-at-Large

Beverly Day, Secretary

-                     Yogesh reported that in 2009, the Financial Statements show there was net income after expenses of $24,000 which is $14,000 better than what we had budgeted largely attributable to lower maintenance costs. Don asked Yogesh to have Pat Huri at MacPherson send a reminder to those homeowners who are behind on their dues.

-                     Don reported that all of the recent repairs required to fences have been due to water damage. This is especially true of posts that were not treated to prevent rot due to water. This may mean that fence replacement will have to be moved to this year.

-                     A discussion was held on how this should be handled. One idea was that we do it over two years, with perhaps those on SE 8th and 242nd SE be first as they are the most visible. Non-wood fences were considered but they may be too expensive. Michael agreed to get some estimates on the cost. We also need a good definition of which fences are considered HOA responsibility. We also need to be sure to notify residents involved before any replacements are started.

-                     Don asked if there have been any problems with mailbox kiosks. None have been reported.

-                     Bev reported that she had not heard from the ACC regarding the community garden. She agreed to talk to Juana about their recommendation.

-                     A discussion followed on concerns regarding the community garden, e.g., who and how it will be administered. Michael agreed to talk to David Mason who had made the original request.