Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

June 26, 2010


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

                                    Ann-Marie Karh, Vice-president

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Don received the contract renewal from Earthworks (for our landscaping work) with the same cost as the previous year.  Since the open area where the gas line runs quite often looks bad and overgrown he will ask for a bid on mowing and raking that area on a weekly basis.  Otherwise we agreed that their contract should be renewed. 

-                     Don indicated that he had exchanged emails with Yogesh regarding one of the families who was delinquent by a significant amount on their dues.  They had been contacted about a lien being put on their property and asked that we not do this.  They agreed to start payments toward their dues. 

-                     Michael had agreed to look into bids for replacing fences.  At this point we have not received any information on it.  Don suggested that we ask that the replacements be done in small segments so that no homeowner is without a fence for an extended period.  It isn’t clear whether we will be able to start this project this year. 

-                     Bev commented that the last couple of months of Board minutes have not been posted to our web site.  The last year or so of minutes is one of the requests made by real estate agents at the time of a home sale.  Since Brett (the one who has been updating the site) is moving, she asked when Michael will be taking over this job.  She also suggested that a separate place we designated for the minutes and move those currently in “News” area to that place. 

-                     Don reported that the Mr. Electric sign had been removed from the entrance on 240th by the City.  They had indicated that no approval had been given to erect it in the first place.

-                     Don reported that Pat Huri of MacPherson’s will be sending a second notice to homeowners with delinquent dues. 

-                     Bev pointed out that there were some very messy yards in our area.  Don said he would take a walk around to check this out and contact the homeowner to see what the problem might be. 

-                     Don said he had seen an article in the Sammamish Review that the City will be looking at all barricades that have been installed in the city and making a decision as to whether they should be kept.    We have two in Renaissance Ridge.