Board of Director Meeting

Renaissance Ridge Homeowners Association

July 31, 2010


Members present:         Don Corbett, President

                                    Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

                                    Beverly Day, Secretary


-                     Yogesh reported that he called the pipeline company and talked to a man regarding the dips reported in a couple of pipeline areas.  Yogesh was told that Polygon originally had used wood chips and other cuttings from trees to fill  in the area.  Subsequently this has settled causing the dips.  He was also told that the small white pipe that appeared to be separated in the area was an irrigation pipe and therefore not a danger.  After a discussion it was decided that it was our responsibility to fill in these dips.  Don will talk to Natural Design about bringing in dirt to level the area.  Don also said he would call Earth Works about mowing that area at least every other week so that the grass doesn’t get so tall. 

-                     Don reported that Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District have audited and passed all the sprinkler systems in our neighborhood.  This will result in a significant savings in water costs to the Association. 

-                     Yogesh reported that the financials to the end of June 2010 are in line with the budget.  We have two home owners with large homeowners’ dues outstanding; the HOA has placed a lien on their property

-                     Don volunteered to call Michael to find out if he has made any progress on bids for replacing fences.  If he hasn’t, this may have to be postponed until next year. 

-                     The annual meeting with homeowners was discussed.  It was suggested that it be held in conjunction with another neighborhood activity as a way to get more participation.  One of our ACC members is moving and Bev has decided to resign at the end of August so there will be a need for volunteers.  Yogesh will call the Social Committee to find out when they are scheduling movie nights in Rock Park to see if that is an option. 

-                     Don reported that someone has removed the boards from the fence at one end of Rock Park.