Renaissance Ridge HOA Board Meeting

Date and Location

Saturday October 30th 2010 at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School


Don Corbett, President

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Michael Rose, Director at Large

Ann-Marie Karh, Vice President

Dedrie Strain, Architectural Committee (ACC)

Mak Bhagwat - potential HOA Board member


 Activities during the month

         Mauricio has taken over the webmaster and doing a great job

         Annual HOA meeting was held and one action item was looking into placing stop signs on 242 and 11th.


Activities from telephone calls and email

         Dedrie mentioned that she had sent an email to the homeowner who wanted to place an air conditioner unit in the front of the house. ACC had told the homeowner that and AC unit can be placed at the back or side of the house but not the front and also they need City of Sammamish approval.


Financials for the year

         Financials to Sep 2010 were discussed. The financials are within the budget.

         Accounts receivable of $9,000 includes two homeowners that owe in excess of $4,000 and HOA has a lien on their property. There are four homeowners that owe more than one set of dues and Yogesh will ask MacPhersons to send notice of lien will be to these homeowners

         $45 new account set up fee was discussed and this will be charged to new homeowners


Budget for 2011

         Don and Yogesh explained that the Capital Reserve study was performed in 2004 and had anticipated that large chunk would be spent by 2008 but the Board decided to defer the expenses of same amount to future years. We have deferred the fence changes to be spread over five years starting in 2011

         The draft budget was discussed and given the state of capital reserves that have been built up, it was agreed not to increase the dues for next year 2011.

         Capital nature expenditure that was considered are as follows:

o    Fences along SE 8th and along the houses of 242nd - project for 2011

o    Benches need replacement

o    Fences on the side of the parks need to be replaced

o    Don will ask Jim who performed the last Arbor study to review the trees that were considered at risk and whether these need to be taken action now

o    Wood chips in the kids parks

o    Need to consider putting sprinklers along the gas easement and cost to mow that every week.

o    Consider the bus stops similar to what Vintage has in their neighborhood



         Don mentioned that he would reach out to the family that was interested in participating in the HOA. This would help Dedrie with ACC

         Yogesh to reach out to previous ACC members to get the list of homes they maintained so that new ACC has a list and the condition of homes

         Ann-Marie to reach out to the City for placing Stop signs on the intersection of 242nd and 11th

         Michael and Yogesh will ask the Mauricio to add both to the ACC email so that they can help Dedrie


Next Meeting will be held on Saturday December 4th at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School at 8AM