Renaissance Ridge HOA Board Meeting

Date and Location

Saturday Dec 4, 2010 at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School


Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Michael Rose, Director at Large

Dedrie Strain, ACC




Activities during the month and general Discussion

         Michael mentioned that we should look into hiring someone to shovel the snow in particular the areas around the crossings within the neighborhood and also the two exits to SE 8th. He will look into the cost of such service

         Starting a newsletter for the homeowners was discussed. Dedrie mentioned that we can pass along the content to her and she will take a stab at the Winter newsletter


Actions from Previous meeting

         Yogesh to reach out to previous ACC members to get the list of homes they maintained so that new ACC has a list and the condition of homes - they do not have the list, but will forward if they find it

         Ann-Marie to reach out to the City for placing Stop signs on the intersection of 242nd and 11th - Awaiting reply from the City


Activities from telephone calls and email

         Yogesh had the email and phone calls in November. There was only one call related to Street light not working that needed to be reported to PSE


Financials for the year

         Financials to Nov 2010 were discussed. The financials are well within the budget

         Accounts receivable of $8,000 includes two homeowners that owe in excess of $4,000 and HOA has a lien on their property. There are four homeowners that owe more than one set of dues and a notice of lien will be sent to these homeowners


Budget for 2011

         The draft budget was discussed and given the state of capital reserve, it would be appropriate to not increase the dues for next year 2011. Yogesh will let Mauricio know that we will add a line in the main web page that highlights that there will be no increase in the HOA dues. The budget was approved.



Yogesh to let Macpherson's know of the $45 new account set up fee was discussed and this will be charged to new homeowners


Next Meeting will be held on Saturday January 8th at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School at 8AM