Renaissance Ridge HOA Board Meeting

Date and Location

Saturday Jun 4 2011 at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School


Don Corbett, President

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Michael Rose, Director

Ann-Marie Karh, Vice President

Dedrie Strain, ACC

Mak Bhagwat, Director


Activities during the month and general Discussion (includes Action items)

         Michael to look into doing a background and reference checks on the three fence vendors and whether these companies are prone to providing change requests.

         Dedrie will look in the CCR's to see whether common area fences are defined or not. This will decide what is common area and then based on the condition of the fence we would then select a fence vendor.

         Need a price quote on staining of the fences

         Don to reach out to Natural design to get a price quote on the replacement of the fences that are around the two play ground parks.

         Mak to reach out to Natural Design to get a quote on the work listed above (planks for benches, stain wooden planks on play sets and add bark)

         Dedrie to look into what the insurance implications are of a swing set

         Don to ask Earthworks to start mowing the stretch along 242nd on a weekly basis. This would include removing the grass clippings and trimming the edges

         All Board members to take a walk through the neighborhood to see if there are any other locked mail boxes

         Dedrie to provide content that can be included with the assessment that will sent by MacPhersons to the home owners in the second half of June

         Yogesh to create a flyer that will be posted on all the mail kiosks. We need home owners as volunteers to distribute keys.

         Yogesh to ask MacPhersons to add a assessment for the locked mail box to the home owners that do not have a locked mail box.

Activities from telephone calls and email


Next Meeting will be held on Saturday July 9th at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School at 8AM