Renaissance Ridge HOA Board Meeting

Date and Location

Saturday Aug 6 2011 at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School


Don Corbett, President

Dedrie Strain, ACC

Yogesh Gupta, Treasurer

Mak Bhagwat, Director


Activities during the month and general Discussion (includes Action items)

         Don reported that we received an email from a homeowner that the handyman we have used for the neighborhood that was a registered sex offender. Don stated that after doing research with local sheriff and the sex offender hotline we have decided to terminate our relationship with the handyman.

         Annual backflow testing is required by City of Sammamish. Don is working with Earthworks to perform this backflow testing and provide the certificate to City of Sammamish. Testing should be complete in the next few days.

         Dedrie reported that she has connected with Felicia and both are in the process of walking through the neighborhood and preparing to send letters to the homeowners that are not maintaining their front yards.

         Dedrie also mentioned that ACC will expand on acceptable colors for exterior paint of homes. These will be in line with the seven existing approved colors. She will propose the changes to the board. There are some homes with panels that can be painted another color. Some home owners are requesting painting their garage door to another color - all garage doors were originally painted white.

         We have received estimates for replacements of fences along SE8th and along 242nd based on the priority and condition of the fence that are in need of replacement. All quotes do not include staining and Tax. He reached back to the three contractors to determine if they would re-consider their quotes and there is not much of a change. Given that we are now in August we need to take the next steps relatively quickly and action items are:

         Don to contact the company that built vinyl fence on 228th across from Starbucks

         All agreed that the first fences that need to be replaced are along SE8th and the fences that are around the Rock Hill park

         Don to reach out to Earthworks for whacking the bushes that are between 242 and Windsor Green

         Locked mail boxes. Yogesh mentioned that 70 home owners have signed up so far. Hopefully we will get more than 100 homeowners to avail the discounted price. Ann-Marie mentioned that one homeowner is willing to go door to door to get their approval to get locked mail boxes. There are some mail kiosks that are shaking and need to be pinned down.

         Yogesh reached out to MacPhersons to see if they can send the letters out. They can but not on their letterhead.

         All agreed that the Annual HOA meeting should be held at 9AM on Aug 13th and the agenda topics will be locked mail boxes and Fence repair work. Yogesh has asked Kim to put the street tents at the entrances and will put a note on FB

Activities from telephone calls and email

         Yogesh had the email and phone calls in Jul. There were issues to report.


         Financials to Jul 2011 are available. All is in line with budget.

Next Meeting will be held on Saturday Sep 3rd at Starbucks next to Eastlake High School at 8AM