These colors are for the exterior/outside of your home and fencing in Renaissance Ridge.  Here is a list of exterior siding colors, exterior door colors and fence stain color.  When painting your home you can either:

1.      Paint it the EXACT same color as the original paint, or

2.      Paint it one of the colors from the following list

You must first receive ACC approval prior to painting regardless of color choice.  Other colors will not be accepted.  This list is final.

Vinyl Siding: - For vinyl sidings, select a paint from a paint manufacturer that has been safely tested for vinyl. Refer to the paint manufacturer for direction on paint colors and the effects it might have on your vinyl siding. Sherwin Williams has helpful information available on - Where paint is required, use the EXACT color and paint. If choosing to go from a light to darker color, select one from a paint manufacturer that has a product in a color that has been safely tested for vinyl.

Complete list of revised paint colors (4/24/08):


Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint numbers:


SW 6001-6004

SW 6036-6039

SW 6065-6067

SW 6071-6074

SW 6078-6081

SW 6085-6088

SW 6099-6102

SW 6106-6109

SW 6113-6115

SW 6120-6122

SW 6141-6144

SW 6148-6151

SW 6156-6158

SW 6169-6172

SW 6197-6200

SW 6386-6388

SW 7029-7032

SW 7036-7039

SW 7064-7067

SW 7050-7053


SW 7046



SW 7040







Sherwin Williams Door Paint Colors:


SW 2937

SW 2939

SW 2904-2906

SW 2913-2915

SW 2916-2917

SW 6349

SW 2901-2903

SW 7034

SW 2926

SW 2927


Polygon Original Paint colors

Benjamin Moore










Benjamin Moore Exterior Door colors


Essex green

Tudor brown

Cottage red


Hamilton Blue


Trim and Accent Colors:


Trim: Shades of White or Cream*


*Cream may be approved when exterior paint color is of sufficient darkness.


Alternate Accent Colors for shutters will be reviewed on a case by case basis and are dependent on the color of the body of the house.


Fence Stain Color:


BEHR Exterior Wood Stain, Semi-Transparent

Cappuccino DP-529