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For homeowners:

All homeowners in Renaissance Ridge must, by law, abide by and follow the CC&Rs and Bylaws that were received upon purchase of the home.

Here are the links for the Renaissance Ridge:

To view and print the CC&Rs and Bylaws PDF documents, your computer needs to have Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader program installed. Click this link to download it:

If you have any comments, questions, or want to participate in the effort to update and change these documents, please contact the HOA Board.

In addition, the Architecture Control Committee (ACC) has provided a set of guidelines for determining what architectural changes need to be approved and the procedure for approval.

What Needs to Be Approved by the ACC?

  • Anything taller than the fence with the exception of plants. For example: sheds, pergolas, trellises, patio covers, hot tubs, etc.
  • Landscaping "hardscapes" (ponds, water features, etc.)
  • Any exterior changes to the house, including paint color (see list below), siding, doors, windows, framework, roofing (see list below)
  • Sport courts, permanent basketball hoops, permanent trampolines (there are not allowed in front yards)
  • Air conditioning units
  • Front yard "neighborhood tree" changes: these are the trees that appear in many of our front yards and are part of the "consistent look" of the neighborhood
  • The approved mail boxes are as follows:
    Renaissance Ridge - White color MailBoss Security Mail Box and the existing mail boxes placed by the developer.
    The Reserve - Black color MailBoss Security Mail Box, and the existing mail boxes placed by the developer.
    The mailboxes can be ordered online as well as from retail outlets like Ace Hardware and Fred Meyer.

What Does Not Need to be Approved by the ACC?

  • Temporary playsets (the kind not "planted" into the ground)
  • Landscaping "softscapes" (plants, landscaping, grass, concrete, etc.)
  • Basketball hoops that can be wheeled into the garage or out of sight when not in use

How Do I Submit an Application to the ACC?

Please complete and send your application (web page form or Microsoft Word form) to This is the preferred method, and no processing fee is required.

If you prefer, you may print out and send the application in the mail to MacPherson's Property Management (address here) along with a $5 fee for processing. MacPherson's will then send the application to the HOA Board. The committee meets monthly so please be sure to send application with enough time to get to the committee (we need at least 5 to 7 days to review application and add it to the agenda).

What to send with the application:

  • Plot plan or site plan including drawings, pictures, maps, and/or dimensions
  • Elevation plan (if necessary for project)
  • General design description
  • Brochures or pictures
  • Material samples and/or color samples
  • Any other pertinent details you would like to include
  • Application (web page form or Microsoft Word form)
  • $5 fee (only if sending in mail; not required if sending in e-mail)

Do I First Need Approval From the City of Sammamish?

The City of Sammamish has permitting rules and setback rules (the setback is five feet from your property line which means that you cannot build within five feet of your property line with the exception of your fence). Please, if you even think you might need city approval please talk to the city before submitting plans to the ACC. We will need to have information in writing from the city if your project is within the five foot setback or needs a permit.

The City of Sammamish permit team (as of 2016) consists of Darci Donovan (425.295.0530), Missy Marshall May (Permit Technician, 425.295.0531), Kevin Johnson (Permit Technician, 425.836.7910), Tony Hudson (Office Assistant, 425.295.0536), and Amy Koehnen (Office Assistant, 425.295.0535). The ACC's experience with the city has been very helpful. It is probable that you will have to visit them to get any approvals or permits. Please visit the City of Sammamish - Permit Center page for details and an updated list of relevant City of Sammamish contacts.

What Happens if I Build Without ACC Approval?

Fines, approved by the Board of Directors, for non-compliance with an ACC decision:

  • First offense = $50.00 (after time frame in first letter)
  • Second offense = $100.00 (after 30 days of first fine)
  • Third offense = Additional fines and/or lien to be determined by the Board of Directors (after 30 days of second fine)

Can I Appeal an ACC Decision?

No, an ACC's decision is final and cannot be appealed (except through arbitration as described in the CC&Rs). Please contact us if you have suggestions, complaints, or comments. While you may not re-submit the same application, you can submit a new application with modifications to the original plans.

What Are the Approved Paint Colors for Home Exteriors?

The approved home and fence exterior paint colors are here.  Please submit all home exterior paint requests to the ACC for approval.  Remember that you must first receive ACC approval before painting.

What is the process for replacing roofs and associated approvals?

The Reserve
For roof replacements, the HOA has approved Certainteed Presidential Shake TL (see the attached picture) for The Reserve.
(Please note: Spanish Tile color is not approved).
Certainteed is only required for the Reserve as it matches the look of Cedar Shake. Besides that, real Cedar Shake is ok too.
If you're researching roofers - Elite and Pro Roofers NW have been used in The Reserve over the last couple of years.
Please submit all home roof replacement requests to the ACC for approval.  Remember that you must first receive ACC approval before replacing roofs.

The Reserve Roofing

Thank you for your help, consideration, and compliance with the rules.
Questions? You can email questions to the ACC directly at:

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